Ternio is a blockchain based utility token built to transform and ultimately disrupt the $224 billion per year digital advertising market.


The digital advertising industry as we know it today faces many challenges: domain fraud, bot traffic, lack of transparency, and lengthy payment models. It is a complex and ever evolving environment for advertisers and publishers alike to navigate through. Ternio was born out of necessity to streamline and bring clarification to both sides of the table.

Ternio is a blockchain based utility token built to transform and ultimately disrupt the $224 billion per year advertising market through a multifaceted approach. Incentives and the general ecosystem are not aligned causing both advertisers and publishers to fell they are losing side of the deal. Ternio provides a verifiable and decentralized asset that empowers advertisers to verify spend through each intermediary and gives publishers the assurance and guarantee of being paid on delivery. With advertisers knowing that they are getting what they pay for and publishers not having to wait months to collect. Ternio stands in the forefront of a new digital advertising revolution.

TERNIO: The name itself means “A Series of Three” representing all 3 aspects of the digital advertising ecosystem: User, Publisher, Advertiser. In 2017, with a long list of opportunities, we got to work in what we felt would reshape how digital advertising receives users, works with publishers, and assists advertisers. What currently takes many ad-technology companies to achieve together, Ternio has achieved within a single lightweight blockchain system: speed, scaling, transparency, payments, invoicing, fraud prevention, programmatic advertising, and the availability for advertisers to be directly connected to publishers without being forced to use 3rd parties.

While there are other blockchains focused on building solutions for the digital advertising industry, none have been able to address the problem of scaling that mainstream digital advertising requires. Through a patent-pending process, Ternio has solved this problem by utilizing a series of mechanisms and blockchains to achieve incredibly high transaction rates that are required for programmatic digital advertising.

Ternio was created to not only streamline the process between advertisers and publishers, but also assist any ad technology platform currently on the market. Out intention from the very beginning has been not to create another walled garden and centralized system. Ternio was built for easy integration with digital advertising-based company’s currency platform that looks to provide additional services and transparency as a service to their customers.

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Total Supply
1,000,000,000 TERN
Crowdsale: 490,000,000 TERN
Founding Team: 300,000,000 TERN
Founding Developers: 50,000,000 TERN
Advisors: 10,000,000 TERN
Reserve: 150,000,000 TERN

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Period: Apr 18, 2018 — Apr 1, 2018
Minimum amount: $10,000.00 USD
1 TERN = $0.06 USD
Period: Apr 2, 2018 — May 1, 2018
Minimum amount: $25.00 USD
1 TERN = $0.10 USD