Pinnacle Brilliance

Brilliance is a Stellar based token that will be used within Pinnacle, an all-in-one investment app that will connect all major exchanges and brokerages into a single access point, for the first time in history.


Cash is going away. It’s a statement that many would have thought impossible 10 years ago. Then Bitcoin was created in 2009. At first, the public thought it was a phase. Slowly over the next few years Bitcoin and altcoins (cryptocurrency) developed and grew in popularity and function. Now, 8 years later, it is clear that crypto-currency is more than a phase. In fact many experts believe that crypto will supplant other forms of exchange within the next two decades.

We all know that. That is why we are here. We all want to be a part of this incredible technology, for what it promises us individually and for the world. The most basic expression of our interest in this new form of monetary exchange is to own these coins/tokens and participate in their growth as a tradable digital commodity. Millions of people are learning about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, and other altcoins every day. Those individuals are joining the millions of us who are already actively trading these currencies.

The entire crypto community is involved with trading in one form or another, and there are many different options to choose when trading open markets. Many investors use brokerages with staff who make the trading decisions for their clients. Most crypto people use 3rd party charting websites/apps and individual exchanges. Huge numbers of people rely on advice from trading professionals on twitter and other sites to decide how they should invest.

There are an endless number of special advice, charts, tools, and tricks a trader can use to become successful. But which there any strategies that every trader should use to be successful? Which people should you listen to? Who has the best exchange with fastest execution? Should you hold for the long term, or exit now in profit? Who’s trades should you “follow”? What kind of real track record does the trader have and can he be trusted to stay consistent? What should you do about long term investment?

Whether you are a pro or just getting started, there are so many options available to the modern trader that it can become overwhelming. If someone could come up with a single platform to answer all of those questions and provide the means to apply the best of that information to your trades in a consistent and successful manner, it would be the pinnacle of brilliance.

Enter Pinnacle and Brilliance.

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Total Supply
26,990,000 BRIL

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Period: Jan 15, 2018 — Jan 30, 2018
Minimum amount: $300.00 USD
1 BRIL = $0.75 USD
Period: Jan 31, 2018 — Feb 25, 2018
Minimum amount: $300.00 USD
1 BRIL = $1.00 USD