Nezly is the premier blockchain development company delivering a suite of products to the cannabis industry. Nezly offers an entire ecosystem for consumers, growers and sellers of cannabis to engage and acquire insights for industry trends and other valuable market data.


There has, without any doubt been a massive surge of interest and investment recently in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the advent of legalization in Canada and some States within the U.S., there is also an immense interest and enourmous growth within the cannabis market. Both are undergoing regulations in order to bring about a more stable environment which we see as being as positive step forward for both markets.

One can only imagine what can be achieved together if you marry the above two markets together.

There probably isn’t a better time than now for a cannabis cryptocurrency solution to hit market. Both the legal cannabis and cryptocurrency markets are currently on fire and merging these two hot markets can only equal success right now for the companies that accomplish it.

— Business Insider - Aug 22, 2017

There have already been a few successful cannabis related tokens and coins recently. However, most of them have approached the problem from a limited viewpoint. They do not fully take advantage of the technology, often do not have a vision beyond token payments, and do not have the necessary partnerships on a large scale with the originators of the entire industry, the growers.

Nezly draws its strength from its founders who are not only technically savvy (having worked on technology projects with companies such as Nike, Spotify, United Healthcare), but also avid “grass roots” farmers and growers themselves. Fueled by vast knowledge and passion for the industry, much of the basics including the Nezly wallet software, mobile apps and part the exchange marketplace platform have already been completed.

Our vision to create disruption through transparencey that has never been seen in this industry, which let’s be honest, has operated in dark plaes for far too long. We are creating a marketplace that leverages ledger technology (blockchain) with cryptography to allow growers and dispensaries to trade and interact with other aspects and players in the industry.

The CannaX Online Marketplae, will make use of next generation blockchain technology (Tangle, Directed Acyllic Graph) still unknown to many to allow for big data scalability, speed, and versatility. While the Nezly App will act as companion product that dispensaries may white label to facilitate the purchases using NEZLY Tokens (NEZ). The focus will be on positive user experience and ease of use so we can fully manifest our goal of “cannabis made easy”.

Nezly and its associates in the industry will be at the forefront in both technology and all aspects of the market. We invite you to learn more in the following pages and join us in this exciting and profitable industry as we evolve the Nezly culture into something truly revolutionary.

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Total Supply
168,000,000 NEZ
Crowd-Sale: 84,000,000 NEZ
App & Marketplace: 33,600,000 NEZ
Team: 16,800,000 NEZ
Reserve: 33,600,000 NEZ

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Period: Feb 20, 2018 — Mar 1, 2018
Minimum amount: $20,000.00 USD
1 NEZ = $0.20 USD
Bonus: 40% discount (Pre-sale)
Period: Mar 15, 2018 — Apr 20, 2018
Minimum amount: $100.00 USD
1 NEZ = $0.25 USD
Bonus: 20% discount (Round 1), Pre-exchange discount (Round 2)