Lala World

LALA World is a wholesome ecosystem for the unbanked globally, starting with the migrants and their families back home initiating with Asia and Africa, providing a decentralized way for everyone to use basic financial services, faster and cheaper.


The migrant and their unbanked families in emerging and frontier markets have been suppressed for the longest time without any access to basic services, financial or otherwise. About 2.4 billion poor people worldwide are often excluded from free movement, basic rights which often leads them to corruption, crime, including slavery, human trafficking and in extreme cases, death.

Banks, financial institutions and even local financiers do not participate in these markets because they are not able to adequately assess price risks. Lack of reliable identification systems, financial data, unreliable intermediaries, zero credit history and unpredictable legal systems further limit the capital available for financial inclusion at grassroots. This uncertainty and severely limited access to financing and other financial products cripples’ individuals, micro entrepreneurs, small businesses, stymies growth and entrenches poverty. LALA World is all set to change that.

For decades, the current financial system has been controlled and centralised. Numerous attempts to create a central clearing system like SWIFT, CHIPS, various clearing houses, for domestic and international payments systems etc. are largely contractual arrangements between two parties with greater influence by geopolitical factors.

Blockchain comes as a blessing in disguise to truly create a decentralised, peer to peer network, distributed among the value holders. From humble beginnings in 2008, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream today. Further, developments in the blockchain space continues to take place at a faster pace than ever before. Several corporate, governments and developers are working on different aspects to improve this technology but there are three major aspects of Blockchain being implemented over the next few months which we believe will work wonders for LALA World and the unbanked. These are:

  1. True and immune decentralization: Most people on the planet do not have the capability to own large computers, servers or any of the existing sophisticated machinery to operate a node in the system, but they do have smartphones.With decentralised projects and beginnings of Atomic Swaps, this could truly create a decentralised world in the coming years and decades.
  2. Scalability and efficiency on-Chain: These two go hand in hand. Scalability needs to have a throughput of millions of transactions per second, on-chain. And the efficiency must be increased by a factor of 80 to 90 in order to be considered disruptive while run secure by design. Many solutions are being proposed which will further help our cause.
  3. Privacy, open and unrestricted access: People work for their money and must have full, uncensored and unrestricted access to their own money. Banks, capital markets and the centralised controls continue to suppress the unbanked. LALA is creating that ecosystem to truly revolutionise the way peer to peer markets works for this population.

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Total Supply
250,000,000 LALA
ICO: 150,000,000 LALA
Founders & Team: 37,500,000 LALA
Advisors: 25,000,000 LALA
Retain: 37,500,000 LALA

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

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United States
Period: Nov 25, 2017 — Dec 15, 2017
Period: Jan 5, 2018 — Feb 5, 2018
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