FIC Network

FIC Network is an end-to-end decentralized fixed income securities network for crypto economy that enables the listing, exchange, and securitization of fixed income financial instruments denominated in crypto or fiat currencies thus merging both markets.


FIC Network is an end-to-end decentralized fixed income securities network that enables the listing, exchange, and securitization of fixed income financial instruments. FIC Network is an asset-agnostic, multi-currency distributed ledger primarily focused towards institutions using traditional currencies and adapting to cryptocurrency markets. Crypto hedge funds and traditional asset managers will greatly benefit from cost savings and expanded market opportunities.


  1. Existing crypto tokens are operating as currencies or stocks and there is no real fixed- income offering. As the crypto markets mature, earning interest on your assets and paying interest to borrow assets will become the largest financial market in crypto beyond currencies and securities.
  2. Conventional fixed income security markets based on centralized third parties are known for many inherent drawbacks in terms of friction, illiquidity, lack of interoperability, asymmetry of information and operational risks. On the other hand, these markets only support fiat currencies and there is no such market for the cryptocurrency space, which is growing at a rapid pace.


Our team has been building the network since early 2016, attracting seed funding from three institutional investors: Boost VC, Startupbootcamp Fintech NYC, Bialla Venture Partners.

We are building a blockchain-based fixed income market that will operate similarly in concept to the traditional systems, but will reduce costs, operational friction, and risks along with improved auditability and transparency. Our technology will allow the users to list, buy, and sell any type of fixed income securities/financial instruments, including loans, bonds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), asset-backed securities (ABS), syndicated loans, credit default swaps (CDS), and futures.

The network is primarily meant for financial institutions such as crypto asset managers, banks, investment banks, lending companies, hedge funds, credit funds, insurance companies, family offices, and corporations, as well as for service providers like valuation firms, auditors, law firms, and ratings agencies. The solution will be opened to individuals in later iterations.

This will also open the door to a cryptocurrency fixed income market, a growing need in the crypto space. In addition, the currency exchange is integrated into the system, enabling the seamless trading of financial instruments among different currencies.

FIC Network will support the consumer and business loan market in its first phase of implementation and it will then expand into other fixed income financial instruments.

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Total Supply
316,500,000 FIC
Crowd-Sale: 158,250,000 FIC
Team: 63,300,000 FIC
Reserve: 94,950,000 FIC

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Period: Jan 24, 2018 — Mar 24, 2018
Minimum amount: $10,000.00 USD
1 FIC = $0.10 USD
Bonus: 60% (Pre-sale 1), 45% (Pre-sale 2)
Period: Mar 25, 2018 — May 15, 2018
1 FIC = $0.10 USD
Bonus: 30% (Crowd-sale 3), 20% (Crowd-sale 4), 10% (Crowd-sale 5), 0% (Crowd-sale 6)